Hymns of Praise Sanctuary Memorial Windows

Sanctuary Window - The Dove

The Sanctuary Memorial Window project, initiated in 2013, offered the opportunity for church members to honor loved ones while at the same time transforming the sanctuary with color and light. The scenes depicted on the windows, which were designed by Rich Flory and crafted by Pastor Curtis Rolfe, are inspired by music from our church hymnal while the blue flowing pattern is an extension from the front Jesus stained glass window and represents our connection to God and each other through music.
In 2015 the Sanctuary Window project was expanded to include the replacement of the windows in the back of the sanctuary facing the narthex. The doors to the sanctuary from the narthex are etched with the list of those who contributed to this project.
“My inspiration for the windows’ design came from the love of church hymns, both old and new and the joy it gives people to listen and sing them. When the windows were in and completed, people would ask me which songs I chose for each design. When I told them, they then would share with me of one of their favorite songs that would go with the same design. Look in the Hymnal and I’m sure you will find one of your favorite songs and the design to go along with it.”  - Rich Flory

Photo Update

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Creating cartoonsCutting glass

Cutting GlassCutting glass

Laying out the windowFinal touches to 2W1

Leading the glassCompleted 2W1

3 W2 Panel CompletePanel 4 of W2Pieces like a puzzle

East Window Panel1 cartoon drawingsEast Window Panel2 cartoon drawings

1W being prepared for new trim and paintingWindows Being Prepared for Painting

1W First Panels Installed1 W Exterior Thermopane Installed1 West Complete

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