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The Open Door

The youth group has a new name! And so does its home!


The youth group is now called Ignite, with the goal of being the spark that starts the fire. Our hope is that being a member of Ignite will change kids' lives and move them to help change the lives of their friends. The purpose of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples for Jesus Christ. Ignite will help to do that by building community through fun, fellowship and service.

The Open Door

The youth center is now called The Open Door to show that everyone is welcome. OK, the big joke is that The Open Door is locked most of the time. As we have found in the last few months, if the door is unlocked, furniture and equipment walks off and vandalism happens. But we are having fun in The Open Door. Movie nights, two weeks of watching the Bears in the NFL Playoffs, OB classes, playing pool and air hockey. 

Our latest improvement to The Open Door is to install black-out shades so the video system can be used during the day. So far the Youth Ministries Work Area has spent $525 buying them. If any one would like to help offset that cost the youth are happy to accept donations!

Car needed!

Can you help??

A low-income family of 5 has had their car stolen. They didn’t have full-coverage insurance and can’t afford another vehicle. The dad works 3 jobs, so transportation is a necessity! If you or anyone you know has a safe, running car to donate, please contact the church office.

Questions? Contact Julie Stone.

Environmental Stewardship Corner

Environmental StewardshipFor eight days this January, a group of students and I experienced the rain forest, cloud forest and volcanic regions of Costa Rica. This small country covers only 0.03% of the earth's surface, and holds more than 5% of all life forms. The effects of global warming are dramatic in this country. Species are moving higher in elevation and ecosystems are changing. Plant and animal species are becoming rarer and possibly extinct. Consequently, it is not surprising that Costa Rica has lofty sustainability aspirations, wanting to be the first developing country to become carbon neutral, i.e., have zero net output of carbon dioxide by 2021. Costa Rica is moving toward achieving that goal by having 95% of its electrical energy from renewable sources and protecting its rain forests. One person can make a difference. I strongly encourage you to visit the website: to see what you can do to move the U.S. toward sustainability. Don’t forget the 3 R’s: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.

A Loving and Fair-minded Church?

On Thundering WingsDo you want to be part of a loving and fair-minded Church?

Are you aware that even though Jesus told us to love thy neighbor as thyself, our United Methodist Church law continues to belittle loving, committed relationships between gay and lesbian couples? Would you like to be part of ending the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy in this denomination? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that all of our friends and family members are warmly welcomed into our church?

I would like to make that happen. I have started the GENERAL CONFERENCE BOOK FUND, with the goal of sending a copy of On Thundering Wings: Homosexuality, Love and the Church on Trial to every delegate of our 2012 General Conference. I believe that reading this book will change delegates hearts and minds, resulting in a change of our church law to include all of God’s people in our care and love.

If you would like to be part of this important effort, please contribute generously. (We’ll need nearly $20,000!) Write checks to First United Methodist with the notation: GCBFund. Your gift is tax-deductible.

Pots and Pans for the PRC!

Do you have any extra stickers leftover from the recent pot and pans promotion sponsored by Jewel? Bring them to the church office by this Sunday, Jan. 23rd. Sarah Circle will buy pots to donate to the People's Resource Center, a food pantry located in Westmont. Let's put those extra stickers to work!

Lenten Devotional Meditations

The Adult Education Work Area is preparing a Lenten devotional for the congregation to use during Lent, which begins on March 9, 2011.

We are seeking submissions from the congregation for this "Upper Room"-style devotional. Please include a prayer and scripture to accompany your meditation. While we don't seek to limit your meditation, please keep it to 400 words or less.

Please send your contribution to Sharon Harman or bring your work to the church office by January 28.

Family Meal Time

Wednesday Family Meals begin again on this Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2011, from 5pm to 6:30pm. Please contact the church office by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 10, if you will be purchasing a meal subscription (Jan. 12-April 13).

It is 12 meals total: $55/adult and $40/child. We need to know because we will only purchase meals for those persons who have signed up.

Tower Bell, January 3, 2011

The Tower Bell for January 3, 2011, is now available online as a PDF file.

| Tower Bell, January 3, 2011 |

175th Anniversary Celebrations

Log school in Downers GroveOur church was founded in 1836, when Revd Stephen Beggs added Downers Grove to his circuit, only four years after the settlement was first established by Pierce Downer. Throughout 2011, we will be celebrating our heritage as the first organized church in Downers Grove. You can read about some of the key milestones in our history here.

The following events will form a part of our celebrations this year:


  • Distribution of the pictorial directory
  • Hymn of the Month in Worship
  • Monthly display in parlor


  • Potluck and old fashion hymn sing on February 27th at 4pm.
  • Hymn of the Month in Worship
  • Monthly display in parlor


  • Display of the baby quilts and lap quilts being made for charity
  • Hymn of the Month in Worship
  • Monthly display in parlor 


  • Bishop Jung bringing the Easter message on Sunday, April at 8:15, 9:30 and 11AM
  • Hymn of the Month in Worship
  • Monthly display in parlor

Project 175Q


To make and distribute 175 handmade quilts to members of our community who are in need or in distress


By November 1, 2011


By giving quilts to private and community organizations who work with those in need.

What You Can Do

  1. Make a crib, child or lap quilt to donate to the project (download pattern below)
  2. Make a quilt top that SSQ can finish - Tops must be finished by September 4, 2011 (download guidelines below)
  3. Donate quilting cotton or batting to SSQ
  4. Donate 6 1/2 inch quilting cotton squares to SSQ
  5. Contribute toward the purchase of fabric and batting

Contact Kay Frank or Julie Stone if you have any questions. Donations may be dropped off at the church office.


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