Get Messy!

Get Messy!Get Messy! It is sometimes difficult to have children attend church. They don’t like to sit still or be quiet or just listen. Frankly, I don’t blame them. I want children to be who they are…active, creative, and lively!

Get Messy will be an opportunity for children along with their families do just that. It will be the second Sunday of the month starting in January 2014 from 11:00 AM to about 12:30 PM. There will be a time to make crafts as a family, a short (and lively) time of gathering, and a family friendly lunch. You don’t need to have ever gone to church or know anything about church. This time will be about building community along with thinking about that greater power that is creator and love of all.

Don’t worry about getting messy, or being too loud, or squirming too much…just come and have fun with your family!   Everyone is welcome at Get Messy!


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