Friday Night at the Movies: Save the Tiger

NEW DATE : Friday, May 24 at the Safford Home Theater

Discussion Leader: Carol Lysne

I saw this movie in 1973, 40 years ago. One scene in particular had a profound effect upon me and I never forgot it. When I learned we were showing academy award movies this season, I immediately remembered Jack Lemmon’s performance in Save the Tiger and wondered if it would still have the same impact on me. I watched it for the second time. It did.

Save the Tiger follows a day and a half in Harry’s life. Jack Lemmon plays Harry Stoner, the owner of a dress manufacturing business, who sees himself as a good citizen. Jack Gilford plays his friend and partner Phil Green. The two spar repeatedly over moral issues as Harry seeks to make his payroll and keep his business going. The movie repeatedly asks how important success is when we measure ourselves against our ideals. Save the Tiger explores what happens when we come to believe that the end can justify the means?

Jack Lemmon wanted to make this movie so much that he waived his usual fee and worked for scale, $165.00 a week. His performance as Harry Stoner won him an Oscar for best actor.

Soft drinks, popcorn, dessert and coffee will be provided; a $2 donation is suggested.

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Safford Home
Friday, May 24, 2013 - 7:30pm

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