Bible Bonus

The Bible Bonus Program at First United Methodist Church is a great way to learn about the Bible! The program is for all third through sixth graders. The way to participate in this program is by clicking on a worksheet below that is for the grade you are in. The pdf worksheet will appear on your computer. You will need to print and complete the worksheet. Then bring it to church with you and you will receive 5 points.

There is a Bible bonus closet that contains fun items you can receive with your points. Each worksheet is good for 5 points only once. You can decide to do more that one sheet and turn it in. For example, you might print 3rd grade worksheet 1 and 3rd grade worksheet 2 (if you are in 3rd grade). Once you complete them and bring them in you will receive 10 points. You can only receive points for a worksheet one time. Another way to earn points is by bringing your Bible to church each Sunday. You will receive one point each time you bring your Bible. Your teacher or shepherd will record your points on a record card.

If you have any questions please contact John Smoke. Thank you!

Have fun and learn lots of important things in the Bible!


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