An Acceptable Time

The scripture lesson for Ash Wednesday is from 2 Corinthians. Paul writes to the Church at Corinth reminding them that Christ promised to help them if they just listened to him. This scripture reminds me that Christ will help even the Church at Downers Grove, that, if we listen, the obstacles will be removed and we will prevail.

Yep, I’m talking about Mission and Outreach again. This year members and friends of DGFUMC will participate in Mission/Outreach trips to United Church of Rogers Park, St Mary’s Church Putney, London, UPAVIM in Guatemala and Mision Fronteras the UMC mission on the Peru/Bolivia border. Together with new friends in each of these places our sisters and brothers will change lives. We will hold hands, paint railing, prepare meals, sing, play games, plant crops, pray, cry, laugh and love. We will come back to Downers Grove and change lives hear by telling our stories. With God’s help we will convince more folks from DG to go into the mission field. That field may be as close as Rogers Park or as far away as Lake Titicaca.

God is calling, some of us are pulling, are you ready to listen and come along?

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