Notes from a Sunday afternoon

What a delight it was to walk home from church last Sunday and step into the parsonage’s backyard, filled with about 40 wonderful people – member of the Administrative Council who were sharing in a great meal (thank you, Chefs!) before engaging in a planning time for the 2011-12 year.

Our discussion focused on some specific upcoming events, and then turned to thinking together about proposals from the staff concerning quarterly themes to highlight our church’s Mission, Vision, and Values; ways to make our church entryways more welcoming; and improved design in our church communications – including the weekly bulletin tri-fold and the Tower Bell newsletter.

A significant change will take place with the Tower Bell. In order to increase its readability and impact, the Tower Bell will become an improved quarterly publication. Each issue will introduce the quarter’s theme and carry more in-depth articles about what is happening around the church. Events from the past will be reviewed, and future events will be introduced. This publication will be mailed to every person on our church mailing list (please see detailed article inside for publication date information).

In addition, homebound church members, and others who request it, will receive a weekly mailing of “The Weekly Word” to help them stay in close contact with church life.

Our print and web communications are all meant to help us deepen and grow as individuals and as a church – in knowing one another, in finding ways to serve Christ together, and in learning more about what it means to live our faith.

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