Gifts in Haiti

It was great to get word this week that Maggie Roth had arrived back safely, and inspired, from her mission trip to Haiti, with Watts of Love.  Those of you who were in worship on December 31 were able to "commission" and bless Maggie as she prepared to go on this journey January 2-9.

 We're eager to hear more details about her time in Haiti, but here is her first "report":

"Our team returned safely on Tuesday from Haiti.  It was an incredible experience, sharing the gift of (solar) light to those who live in poverty and darkness.  The resilience of the Haitian people and their graciousness to us was overwhelming.  It was a beautiful experience."

How good it was to hear her words, especially today.  In a world where too often we hear destructive and untrue labels put on whole groups of people, what a gift it is to have opportunities to meet one another in mutual hospitality and understanding, and discover in each other, even those far away, whose lives may be very different from ours, a Neighbor.

A Call upon Us All

This Sunday, we'll welcome the Chapel Choir and Chancel Choir back from their (very brief) post-Christmas break, to share music at our 9:30 and 11:00 services.

As you receive your Sunday bulletin, two items will have been tucked inside - one is a scripture insert, with 1 Samuel 3:1-20 on it - the somewhat familiar story of God's call spoken to Samuel, a boy of about 12, one night in the inner room of the temple.  Though this story is about a specific person at a specific time, it reminds us of the initial call of God on all of our lives - the call to "Listen."  Even those of us who may have found our faith feeling distant or growing routine can be enriched by this account, for as the aged Eli realizes that he is to encourage Samuel to listen more deeply to the word of God, Eli himself learns to listen afresh.  And what a joy to be reminded that the very young among us often are those from whom we hear a "word from  the Lord."

The second item placed in our bulletins will be an offering envelope and brief description of  a special offering in which we are invited to share this Sunday --  the United Methodist Human Relations Day Offering.   This offering, taken on the weekend of Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday, is a way we can continue to be a part of the division-healing work to which he gave his life.

See you Sunday!

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