Advent Devotion - Week Four

Dear Church Family,

Preparing my "week ahead" calendar today has brought into clear focus how close we are to Christmas! Though that realization brings with it a flurry of "Oh, I must still get this"...and "that still needs to be done" thoughts, it also brings some grateful realizations of how much there is to celebrate.

First of all, we celebrate you as we approach Christmas. We are grateful for the creative, energetic staff with whom we share ministry; for a congregation full of interesting people we truly enjoy; and for your gifts of talent, leadership, devotion, and caring relationships that keep inspiring us. Your love for Christ shines through in so many ways.

We are grateful to be the church together in a time when challenges are great, and the opportunities to step forward in Christian love and integrity are powerful. The Christmas proclamation of the angels, that "Peace on earth, goodwill toward all people" is God's intention for the world, is still ours to help bring to life each day in our words and actions.

And, of course, we celebrate the Christmas Gift that we have all, already, received - the gift of Emmanuel, "God with us." As we attend to the many "last few days before Christmas" errands and tasks, as we encounter strangers and friends and relatives in our planned - and unplanned - activities, may we see each person (ourselves included) as someone for whom God's love entered the world in Jesus.

Peace, Hope, Joy, and Love to you!

Greta McDonald

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