You are Witnesses!

What should we be considering that we need to focus on as we end the liturgical season of Easter this Sunday? Each year we have several Sundays to think, pray, and act upon God's word and then put it into practice. What have you taken away from these past Sundays where we celebrated and worshipped and put into practice?

A good takeaway, it seems, would be to maintain an attitude of being more aware of the blessings that God has given to us that we, unfortunately, may have taken for granted during the pandemic. To live fully in the knowledge that one day we will also rise from the dead and live eternally in the presence of God, based on our love-filled faith and faithful actions, is another good takeaway.

Yet another is to be more positive and supportive of the people we live amongst, particularly those who need more care and assistance than they normally receive. This is a way to enact the ministry model that Jesus showed, especially during the most difficult portion of his life and ministry on earth. These takeaways from the Easter season, when put into action, become outward and visible signs of living a resurrected life in Christ now.

After all, we are responsible for performing the duties that Jesus gave to all people who believe in God through the life he lived and died in love for us all. The Bible reading for this Sunday is taken from Luke 24:44-53 in which Jesus reminded his disciples about what he previously told them about himself. Then Jesus said there are a few things that should be carefully adhered to according to the preaching and teaching that he gave while he lived on earth.

If you read that passage, you will discover a key declaration and command that Jesus gave to those whom he loved, and by way of them, to all who love God continuing throughout human history. If we who love God respond obediently to the declaration and command of Jesus, each of us has things we need to establish in our daily lives and something blessed to patiently wait for. They will be realized in our lives because they are promised to us all. Do you believe it enough to see it? And are you willing to receive it?

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