Understand that Jesus Must Rise!

The happenings around us this time of year are full of the great expectations of a new spring season and the breaking forth of new life in nature and within many families that we know or have heard of.

With so much newness and blossoming going on we become thankful for the world we live in and all that we have that is good and wanting to thank the One who is the source of our blessedness. The desire to show our gratitude to the source of our worlds' renewal and the giver of life to all of humanity reveals the basis of our worldview, specifically, our belief in God.

The expression of our belief in God eventually invites the question of how and why we believe in God. How would you respond to the question of how and why do you believe in God? Would you point to the Bible readings describing the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday that are a large part of the foundation of your faith in God?

That point may bring about a range of responses from flat disbelief due to the imaginary nature of those Bible readings, to a debate about the soundness of your theological stance regarding your belief that Jesus actually rose from the dead, to the counterpoint that religious belief systems, as a whole, were fashioned out of the need to explain the unexplainable.

If you weren't prepared to deal with those ranges of responses, you could just decide to never talk about your belief in God again. Or, you can consolidate your belief in God by centering on the basis of your faith. Go back and read John 20:1-20 and reacquaint yourself with the account of Jesus' resurrection. Focus on John 20:9 and try to answer the question that verse begs of its' readers, it will strengthen your faith.

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