Speak the Truth in Love

We each have a calling placed on us as God's children and believers in God. Many of us are motivated to bring as many souls to the full knowledge of and lifelong faith in God through Jesus Christ as we can. Others of us are driven to help make better the lives of as many of those who have been left in economic poverty, social isolation, and termed undesirable, as possible.

I feel that the calling that is placed on us is the calling to serve God first by showing love in as many ways as possible to the people that we meet, especially those who have not received enough love during their lives. Some may say, that is why I work hard to teach people about the love of God through Christ's teachings and help them develop and maintain faith in God throughout their life. While others would say, and that is why I will never stop working to provide tangible signs of the love of God to the people who need to be lifted out of poverty, and fight to equalize the unfair cultural and social practices that have oppressed people generationally.

Those are blessed ways to show the love of God. We all must do those things too if we are to fulfill our calling as believers in God. However, those essential signs of God's love should come after we carry out the first calling that God places on us.

In Ephesians 4:1-16, you will find a sort of prayer that Paul wrote to the people of God living in Ephesus. When you read it, carefully consider the words and phrases that Paul used to describe the calling that he said every Ephesian believer in God has been called to live out.

Then, consider asking yourself these questions: Do I live out the same calling that Paul urged the believers of Ephesus to live out? If not, what do I need to do to live out that calling? Let God's spirit guide you!

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