Jesus Heals and Restores

Miraculous healings are spectacular and are wonderful for those who have received them. But have you thought about what happened to the people that were healed through a miracle in the Bible? Here are a list of a few of the people Jesus miraculously healed: he healed the nobleman's son at Cana, the debilitated man at the pool of Bethesda, Peter's mother-in-law, he cleansed a person suffering from leprosy, healed a centurion's servant, healed a blind and voiceless man possessed by a demon, healed a bleeding woman, raised Jairus' daughter, and he restored the cut off ear of a man named Malchus.

I've not read or heard about any of the people who were healed and how their life went on after their miraculous healing. Though we have not been supplied with exact written evidence, to our knowledge they, as human beings, all eventually died and were not miraculously healed again. Why did those people get healed by way of a miracle and not just left to deal with their illness or physical problems like everyone else who wasn't miraculously healed?

I believe that miracles are performed so that we know it is God who provides the sustenance for life and it is God who gives grace and power to overcome the hardships that life throws at us and who will ultimately save us from ourselves when we are disobedient to God. Miracles are just one of the many ways God blesses humanity, spectacular as they may be.

There is another account of healing found in Luke 17:11-19. It tells of 10 people who had serious skin diseases that were healed after Jesus got involved with them. However, one of the 10 who were healed did something that points to another reason that people are miraculously healed. After reading the passage, consider how his action impacted his healing and how it may be used in other types of healings.

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