Crying Out to God

"Hello, can I help you?" We are used to having people from a variety of places that serve both a public and private clientele ask this question when greeted. Most people respond differently to this question based on their level of urgency or desire to obtain what is requested of the representative of the company or organization offering to help them. If the need is critical or life threatening, the response is intense and overt. If the desire is authentic but not urgent, the response will be measured but not necessarily persistent. These familiar need-based interactions work well for healthcare facilities, charitable organizations, and service-oriented businesses that we seek out as patients, clients, or patrons.

However, regarding our overall spiritual needs and desire for sovereign assistance for our souls; how do we seek out emergency responses, critical care, or urgent care? I have been considering the ways that I have observed people seek out spiritual help, both for emergencies and for urgent care. It is interesting to see that many people are unaware of the most effective ways to go about securing essential and consistent spiritual care.

This week's reading from Mark 10:46-52 gives us a glimpse into the way that a man named Bartimaeus sought out healing from Jesus for a specific physical condition. But Jesus' response to him provided a divine prescription for his physical condition at that time as well as for his soul eternally. Read this passage and pray for insight for your spiritual care.

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