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Understand that Jesus Must Rise!

The happenings around us this time of year are full of the great expectations of a new spring season and the breaking forth of new life in nature and within many families that we know or have heard of.

With so much newness and blossoming going on we become thankful for the world we live in and all that we have that is good and wanting to thank the One who is the source of our blessedness. The desire to show our gratitude to the source of our worlds' renewal and the giver of life to all of humanity reveals the basis of our worldview, specifically, our belief in God.

Praise Jesus and Save Us!

There are many things that we are thankful for and can praise God that we have them. Here are a few to think about: love, good health, good friends, freedom of religion, your parents, having a life partner, opportunity to get an education, having a home, laughter, safety and security, clean water, kindness of strangers, diversity, children, music, freedom to vote ( These are all very good things to be thankful for, we all are thankful that we have them in varying degrees of comfort.

Grab Hold of God!

Achieving goals and reaching high levels of accomplishment in our lives is very gratifying. We may have felt or still feel the need to strive against a set of odds to make sure our lives have significance and long-lasting meaning. Looking inwardly, we should discover ways that we seek to make our lives meaningful in this present climate of uncertainty, discord, and dissatisfaction. As we search our souls, let's consider this question: "How can we be sure that our lives have importance and long-term meaning from God's point of view?"

Inclusive Hospitality and Unconditional Love

I am deeply touched by anyone who is filled with joy when they welcome back somebody who was, up to that point, given up on and believed to be "lost." Lost is a term that has many meanings. Among other things, it could mean a wayward person, a wild child, or a stubborn and hard-hearted person who often did not care about doing what was even in her or his own best interest. In other words, someone who is considered a hopeless case.

A Real Change of Heart

How are we dealing with the ups and downs of our life in Christ? As we travel on our faith journey, are we evaluating the life we live from one day to the next? I have often considered how I did at the end of a particular day. Did I do good according to God's will that day or was I being led by my own selfishness, which is against God's will?

Being Faithful to God

We are the children of God. As children, we are aware of how we act in relationship to our God. We find ourselves doing things that we know are honorable and helpful to others and for our own life. We reach out to help those in financial distress and those who are broken by death and the hardships in their lives spiritually, emotionally, and physically. We pray to God, learn and meditate on God's words, and seek to lift up and strengthen others to do the same.

Christ's Unconditional Love

We are in a place of transition and fundamental change. Not necessarily because we wanted to be, but because we must change in order to live as God created us to live. There is nothing that can completely prepare us for the times and stations in our lives where we must become vastly different in ways that we did not want to. One word that describes it is metamorphose - "to change into a wholly different form or appearance; transform."

What More Can We Do?

The time is right for a better social standard to be put into practice. Many people are yearning for a freer existence that allows those who wish to, each have the ability to experience this world with none of the hindrances that the stereotypes, labels, bigotry, and hatred that so many people have suffered under and which has diminished our collective humanity from time immemorial.

Being Balanced as Contributor and Consumer Christians

The idea of how we address those who are reduced to the lowest rung of this society is a constant concern for everyone from the President to Congress and law enforcement and especially, to the faith-based leadership of this country. The executive, legislative, and judicial branches of our government, both nationally and locally, are constantly working to remedy this overwhelming problem.

Say What, Jesus?

How do we know when God is leading us to something that will be a blessing? We do want God's blessings but what can we do to keep our minds and hearts in tune to not only receiving God's blessings but becoming a blessing to others in return?

The imparting of a divine gift or favor is one definition for blessing. With that acting as our working definition, we may need to adjust our idea of what a blessing from God means. It's an extraordinary gift because it comes from God, and not always a material gift necessarily.


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