Today, Tomorrow, and the Next Day

What is your biggest fear? What is the thing that keeps you up at night? Have you ever been so afraid that you became paralyzed, unable to respond to the situation in front of you? At some point or another, each of us grapples with fear. Sometimes it's the small stuff that we know we shouldn't sweat so much. Other times, our fear is so vivid - so real - that it can consume us, keeping from speaking and acting as we normally would.

In the season of Lent, we have an opportunity to search ourselves and the world around us. As we make our way from Ash Wednesday to Easter, we reflect on our fears, our struggles, and everything that keeps us from wholly embracing the great gift of resurrection offered to us in Jesus. God's grace is steady, constant, and abundant and yet there are seasons of life when God feels distant or it is difficult to accept that love. What stands in our way of being Easter people?

This week's reading from Scripture comes from Luke 13:31-35, an interaction between Jesus and the Pharisees. While many interpret the pharisees words differently in it, I hear advice that comes from fear. Have you ever spoken or acted not out of confidence but from fear? How do we as Christians live in the midst of our fear.

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