What We Carry With Us

Growing up, I loved getting the mail. Sure, one reason why was that like many children of that era, I was hopeful that a letter from Hogwarts would one day be waiting for me in the mailbox, but also, every now and then, I'd find a letter from my Great Grandma Lillian.

I loved my Great Grandma Lillian! Like me, she loved to read and travel. She was kind and smart and adventurous. I loved receiving cards from her that told of her most recent adventures and even her ordinary, everyday experiences. Sometimes these letters were just for me. Other times, when she sent a note to the whole family, she would still address them to me, trusting me to decipher her handwriting (which I definitely inherited) and pass on her love to our family.

My Great Grandma Lillian has been dead for quite a few years now, but I still cherish the memories I have of her. Sometimes, during Communion, when we say, "And so with your people on earth and all the company of heaven," I think of her and feel an overwhelming sense of peace. Though she has died, I carry on these memories of her. I hope too, to journey through this world with the compassion, curiosity, and openness that she offered this world. Who in your life is no longer living and yet continues to impact the way you exist in this world? What do you carry with you from your past that has value in the present and for the future?

This week in worship, we'll explore 2 Kings 2:1-12. In this text, Elisha prepares for the passing of his beloved mentor and role model, the prophet Elijah. Join us on Sunday as we reflect together when the past and future meet intimately in the presence and what that means for each of us as we seek to live a life of faith.

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