To Sing Your Praise

Fall is here. We see it in the changing colors on the trees, in the brisk temperatures especially at night, and in the daylight ending a little earlier each and every day. I love fall. I love the colors, the smells, and the activities. Yet, I find myself getting more and more tired as light turns into darkness a little earlier each day. My body takes the darkness as a signal to sleep, to rest... but do I? Though nature is cyclical, journeying in seasons, often we resist these patterns and seek to continue producing and working, doing all of the things at the same pace always.

There is pressure to keep going even when all of nature invites us to slow down and rest. We have been taught that we are valued when we work, but we need to take time to rest. We need to take moments to tend to our well being and our communities. We need to take time to renew.

Renew is the theme of the stewardship campaign this week. What do you find renewing? What brings peace to you when your soul is troubled? For many, the answer to that is music. Music has the power to connect us with our deepest emotions and memories and serve as an outlet. Join us this week for Choir Dedication Sunday as we hear from our various choirs and dedicate their service for this year.

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