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Neighborhood Clean-Up Day

16 June, 2011

Hola y Bendiciones desde el Mision Fronteras a Lago Titicaca!

Hello and Blessings from the Border Mission at Lake Titicaca!

Amy DeLong Trial

Since the death of Jesus, the Church often speaks of his blood saving us. I don’t use this language much because it has been hijacked by religious conservatives who take it to mean that they, individually, and those who are just like them have been elevated to a privileged position in God’s sight, which is odious heresy. However, this morning I’m thinking that the blood language might still be useful if we think about it in terms of being open to receiving a spiritual transfusion of the life-force, aka blood, of Jesus.

A world where it is always June?

“Would you like to live in a world where it was always June?” the signboard outside the business asked.

Peru Tension/Border Closures


A lot of you knew we were having a meeting in Puno, Peru, on Friday with Pastor Venancio who is a Methodist pastor in Peru and is in charge of the Lake Titicaca area for the Methodist Church. Many of you are also aware of the political tensions in the Puno area. We feel compelled to give an update on the situation in this area of Peru.

Hola From Bolivia!

We’ve just walked back “home” to our house in Copacabana, after a regional worship service in nearby Iglesia Manko Capak (named after the 1st Incan Emperor and the name of the Province in which Copacabana is located). The Bolivian Methodist Church (Iglesia Evangelica Metodista en Bolivia) is celebrating its 100-year jubilee. Each church district is hosting celebrations of this kind. The 4.5-hour service was unusually brief, probably because Bishop Javier Rojas (the only Bolivian Bishop), officiated.

Missing and Multi Texting

I watched someone texting with one hand and shopping for groceries with the other.

"Duty Roster"

As our bus pulled into the Oakville, Ontario, parking lot, on that third day of the Chapel Choir tour, a man, smiling and waving, bounded out of the back door of the church to greet us. He was followed, just moments later, by several other people, who seemed to have been waiting eagerly for that moment of welcoming us.


Rabbits and Resurrection
John 20.1-18

Emerging from the Catacombs

Remember the early Christian church and how Christians were persecuted for believing that someone else beside the Roman Emperor could be King of the Universe. Our Mothers and Fathers in the faith were stoned, burned and fed to ravenous lions. Nero’s depraved acts initiated a period of violent persecution, torture and martyrdom for Christians that lasted into the 4th century.

Just a Glimpse

It made the evening news, on that first truly warm day last week – a photo sent in by a resident of Naperville, showing a solitary, bright, blooming crocus that had sprung up through the ground. As it appeared on the screen, the newscasters sighed with appreciation, and it got my attention, too – something so beautiful, so tender, so full of promise, that had broken through the hard, dark earth.


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