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A Simple Gift of Peace

This Sunday marks the second week in Advent, when we lift up the gift of Peace for which we long, and which is given to the world through the birth of Jesus.

The scriptures read at the Advent Candle lighting time at the start of Sunday's worship services, and those read later in the service, may make you want to sing! You will probably recognize the verses from Isaiah 40 as lyrics in Handel's famous Messiah. "Every valley will be lifted up..." and "He shall feed his flock like a Shepherd," are among the lines from this great scripture passage of hope and peace.

Walking into Advent

As we walk into Advent with Celebrate the Gift as our theme for this season, I want to walk through some verses from
Isaiah 11. This chapter invites us to watch for newness outside our constricted, frightened logic.

It begins: Out of the stump of Jesse..., Jesse being David’s father. David’s family and dynasty had run out in failure; no king, no future, no royal possibility, only a stump. But, says the poet, the stump will produce a shoot of new life that was not expected.

The Birth Pangs

Have you ever noticed that moment when the lights dim and the stage lighting wakes up, that moment when even the whisperers stop whispering, that moment when the violins have their bows raised as the conductor raises her arms? Sometimes in a moment like that, the only sound is the sound of silence itself. You hold your breath to listen.

You're walking toward the front door, to bring in mail. For a second, you catch a whiff of fragrance from a scented something. It reminds you of a place you have never been and a time you have no words for.

Stuffed with Gratitude

Day of (Doubled) Giving

On Dec. 2, the United Methodist Church's General Board of Global Ministries will sponsor its second annual Day of Giving and will match the first $1 million donated to missions.

In the first few minutes of Tuesday, Dec. 2, Eastern time (Monday, Dec. 1, 11pm Central), gifts made to Mision Fronteras, Advance Site #3021288, are pretty likely to be doubled. You may recall that last year donors to Mision Fronteras gave a staggering $26,000, but only one $500 gift was doubled by GBGM. This year, GBGM is trying to ensure a more equitable distribution of matching funds.

If you are thinking of making an end-of-year gift to help support the valuable work of this home-grown mission, please try to do so as soon as possible after 11pm on Monday.

Making a donation involves three easy steps:

  1. Give NowGo to our mission's Advance page at this link 
    (or click the button on the right).
  2. Click on the big red "GIVE NOW" button.
  3. Complete and submit the form.

Please read their latest newsletter by clicking on the "Read More" link.


Laity Sunday

Jim and I are especially looking forward to this Sunday's worship services - because both of us will get to really listen to, and ponder, the message that is given by our Lay Leaders, Ray and Ina Osborn.

The Laity Sunday worship services and sermon are based on Jesus' teaching in Luke 13:18-21, about the significance in something as small as a mustard seed, or a bit of yeast. Like many of Jesus' teachings, the seemingly simple words challenge us to see things in new ways, and to keep asking questions of ourselves.

Being the Church

You may have noticed that at the end of this month our congregation will be a part of two opportunities to join together in Thanksgiving observances.

Pastors' Friday Reflections

A heart filled with love always has something to give.

I have a little cross-stitch of this quote in my house - and like being reminded of it now and then. Whether I feel short on time, or short on funds, or short on energy, those words encourage to me to see beyond what I think I'm lacking, and imagine what could be possible with what I have.

Pan America, Week 8

We Are Cooking! 6.10.14

For the first time in our lives, we wake up in the earliest hours of a day and think, "How soon 'til we can get up and dive into the next (12 – 15-hour) work day?"

If we were any happier, we'd burst.

I love making up recipes inspired by customers' feedback, my whims, and available, fresh ingredients. We both love talking with visitors from around the world.

Pastors' Friday Reflections

Those of you who have been part of a United Methodist Church for longer than six years remember when our membership vows included four areas of commitment - "presence, prayers, gifts, and service." If you're like me, you repeated those four words often enough that they became second nature.

Speak Up for the Community -- Take the Impact DuPage Survey

Your opinion is needed to help identify community needs and the strengths and gaps in the current health/human service delivery systems in DuPage County. Many changes are continuing to take place in the County - more poverty, more diversity, and an aging population, just to name a few. Add healthcare reform and state and federal fiscal crises.  It all adds up to increased demand for human services. The People's Resource Center and many other organizations have come together to understand and address the needs facing our communities.


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