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Chapel Choir Tour Countdown

Thirteen days until 41 Chapel Choir members and adult leaders head off for Tour 2012 and NYC!  This is just the first of many blog entries for Tour 2012.  Look for our daily updates and photos starting on March 24th.

Copacabana Cornucopia

Our lovely bathroom after the waters recededThe house flooded again, so Jeff stayed home to clean, and I kept our date with Froilan Mamani Quispe, Director of the Cusijati School, for a one- day trip to La Paz.

Dogs, Frogs and a Pink Moon

SumaSuma, the dog we rescued from the street early on New Year's Day, has a new sister, "Wawita!" The name is Aymara for "Baby." Suma's a whole lot bigger than when we found her. And mercifully, she ditched puppyhood when we bought Wawita. The little one was frisking around outside a hostel we walk by on our way to and from the market. We asked if she was for sale and learned that, yes, we could buy her for 40 Bolivianos.

Encourage Love in One Another

Even though it was Valentine"s Day night, there was a good turnout for the meeting of the church work area " the members knew the work they were in the process of accomplishing together was worth giving attention to, even on that special evening.

And our attendance was not taken for granted. At each place was a tiny Valentine's gift - a ribboned bag of conversation hearts and chocolate kisses. No one took credit for the gifts, but we were pretty sure it was the handiwork of our Chairperson. A nice gesture that said, "your presence is valued."

Making Space for Wonder, Making Space to Grow

"Mom, can I get a new pair of shoes?" came the young boy's voice from a few aisles behind me in the store. The mother must have agreed that he could use a new pair, because her answer was, "If they don't cost too much."

An Inspiring Preacher

Amy DeLong and Ermalou RollerLast October 11, I heard the Rev. Amy DeLong preach an inspiring, dynamic sermon at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. The chapel was full of people who had traveled far and wide to the seminary to hear her preach and to support this champion who is fighting for the rights of gay clergy in the United Methodist Church. I’m excited that our whole church will be able to hear her talk with us at our church seminar on Friday and Saturday, February 24 and 25 and to preach on Sunday, February 26. Amy’s church trial last June set a precedent for our denomination and she has become a celebrated, national figure.

Don’t miss out; sign up today for Speaking Out, Stepping Up, Risking All: The Journey to Authentic Living on the church website or at the church office.

Pursued by Joy

Throwing a pile of vegetables, seafood and beef together to be cooked in concert to arrive done meant that things had to happen quickly. At the Mongolian Grill last night, cooking to raise funds for choir tour, I felt like the psalmist, "My cup overflows." The dinners kept coming, some meatless, some with an egg that if you squashed it just right it might break without leaving its shell as an extra ingredient.

Ligaments and Leadership

When I was 16, I tore a ligament in my knee.

Up until then, I had been blissfully unaware that ligaments existed. I probably had been told about them in health classes, but compared to more obvious things like kneecaps and elbows and muscles, they hadn't made much of an impact on me.

Until the day that one of those hidden, taken-for-granted, ligaments got torn. Not only was it remarkably painful, but I found out in the ensuing weeks of healing how weak I really was without it to do the simplest things like walking without hobbling, or sitting comfortably.

True Meaning of Christmas

I realize this is a bit belated - but I still thought is was worth posting..

What is the true meaning of Christmas?

No. It’s not Santa.

No. It’s not even gift giving, happiness, family, cookies, snow, or singing Christmas carols.
Those are wonderful things.

But they are not what this season is really all about.

Some people say, Jesus. Jesus’ birth is the true meaning of Christmas.
So close, but still not quite.

Christians look at the baby in the manger and think “Aww, how cute.”
They think: this is what it’s all about.

New Puppy, A Flood, and Undies

Suma - our new puppyAt last: We have a puppy! We found her shivering in the street at 12:45 a.m., New Years Day. So we named her Suma, which is Aymara for “Happy,” as in Happy New Year. She likes a dry house, a warm lap, puppy chow, and ... chewing everything!

Alas, last night, a dry house was not to be had. Torrential rains and three inches of hail pelted down for more than an hour. The din was so loud we had to shout to hear each other. Then the floor drains in the kitchen, powder room and bathroom simultaneously started gushing muddy water. Two good things about that: it wasn’t sewerage; and after lots of squeegeeing and mopping, our floors are now spotless! Hooray!


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