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Persist in What You Have Learned

In what way should we live out our faith? In our Bible  reading for this week from 2 Timothy 3:14 - 4:5, we're returning to the teachings of Paul in his second letter to Timothy. We may have read this gut wrenching scene as Paul writes from prison for the last time, or have seen it portrayed in a play, a film or on TV but for many of us it is not our favorite part of the Bible to try and model in our daily lives.

Jesus Heals and Restores

Miraculous healings are spectacular and are wonderful for those who have received them. But have you thought about what happened to the people that were healed through a miracle in the Bible?

Rendered Silent

In college when I moved into an apartment for the first time, one of the things I was most excited about was having a kitchen. What I quickly learned was that cooking was much easier for me than baking. With cooking, you could ad lib, play with ingredients, make replacements easily, but with baking, every time I tried to play or experiment, it completely flopped.

Restoring People with Eternal Riches

This week's Bible reading from the gospel Luke 16:1-13, also called the Parable of the Unjust Manager, could be easily misunderstood but depending on its' interpretation, can be a rich spiritual resource. A resource especially when we are dealing with the problems that occur when we are not caring for, as best we can, the gifts that God gave to us and depended on us to be good stewards of them.

Values of the Village

Why do some people become wayward, reckless, and irresponsible? And, why do others react to them in ways that are indifferent? What is your reaction to people who have strayed into self-destructive behavior? We sometimes refer to them as contrary, messy, hardheaded, hardhearted, egotistical, cheating, unpredictable, "sometimey," and disloyal. But, there are other types of wayward people.

A Banquet of Care

When you attend social gatherings or events do you like the ones where you're filled with excitement because you're standing or sitting beside VIPs like politicians, celebrities, professional athletes, film and music stars? Or do you prefer the ones where your excitement comes from relaxing and having fun talking with people who are not concerned with who wields the most political influence or whoever is the most famous celebrity that everyone wants to be close to?

Transformation: Beauty and Goop

I've always been fascinated by the lessons we have to learn from the patterns of nature! This week in worship as we celebrate Children's Sabbath, our lesson comes from Romans, and from butterflies. Butterflies are beloved, colorful creatures. In the Christian faith they symbolize resurrection, and for many they are a sign of hope and beauty. But those beautiful, winged creatures don't always look like the ones we love to see in gardens. They transition and process from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly.

A Baptism of Fire

How do you act when you're doing things that you're passionate about? Most people are noticeably excited and even if the thing that they are passionate about gives them joy, it often brings along with it a sense of uneasiness. That uneasiness usually rises from being impatient and wanting to rush into it or from thinking about the things that they may have to struggle through in order to get to the source of their passion.

Ready to Give – Ready for God

I can remember planning a church event, a public demonstration, or a long road trip of one kind or another, and saying, "Let's do everything that we can to be prepared should something happen unexpectedly." The response that I usually received was, "Okay, let's try to do as much as we can to cover ourselves with a plan 'B.'" But one time after I said that phrase, the response was, "I'm sorry pastor, but how can we possibly prepare for the unexpected?"

Got Things, Get Things

What do you consider wealth? Is it the level of your lavishness, privilege, means, or possessions? Is your wealth found in how much power, prestige, or knowledge that you have now or are gathering? Is your wealth the time that you invest in your family, in their well-being, and the emotional security that they give to you as well? Or, is your wealth founded on the faithfulness and connectedness that you have gained from your friends which you have come to depend on over the years?


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