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You are Witnesses!

What should we be considering that we need to focus on as we end the liturgical season of Easter this Sunday? Each year we have several Sundays to think, pray, and act upon God's word and then put it into practice. What have you taken away from these past Sundays where we celebrated and worshipped and put into practice?

A God Who Loves

Every now and then, while a seminarian, the admissions office would ask me to have lunch with a prospective student. I loved doing this! It was always neat meeting people and hearing what it was that was bringing them to seminary. Sometimes these conversations led to new connections and new classmates, and even the times it didn't, I often learned something.

How Our Branches Grow

Each year as the month of May begins, so too do many important celebrations in the lives of our young people. This month we honor our confirmands, Chapel Choir seniors, and all of our graduates as they prepare for the next stage of their lives.

A Change in Heart and Life

Is it possible that people can change? I mean change from who they were at one point in time, to someone genuinely different? Not completely different, but genuinely different. Change that is completely different, so often for some of us, conjures up images of a huge weight gain or a huge weight loss.


When I was a teenager, Suzanne Collins' trilogy, The Hunger Games came out. These books FLEW off shelves and caught the attention of many, both their intended audience of teens, and so many more. The books became so popular that they were adapted into film.

Weeping, Seeing, and Believing

As we wait for Easter to arrive, we may become immersed in the aura of the holiday and the season especially because we are hopeful that we can gradually open up even further in our state and across the nation. We have been grateful for some spring-like weather that has come upon us recently, but spring weather is not being felt now in this latest cold snap! However, we always try to make the best of it because it often gets worse before it gets better.

Palms, Praise and Passion

We have all believed in someone or some group so much that we were certain that they could help to open the doors that had been shut and bring the change that we wished could happen for the good. But sometimes, it does not happen quite the way that we had imagined it would, or not at all.

Can You See Jesus?

Would you like to meet Jesus? What kind of Jesus would you like to meet? It sounds crazy to say it like that, but when you think of meeting Jesus, how do you imagine Jesus to be when you see him? Visually, there are several images of Jesus all over the world. Which one of the images that you have seen of Jesus would you like to experience if you could meet Jesus in person?

To Love and Be Loved

When you are stressed, do you have any little quirks, little ways that you cope with that stress or avoid it? Lately, one of mine has been organizing the bookshelves. Yes, if I have something to do that I want to avoid, or if my mind is just running 100 miles per minute, I go down to the basement and organize the bookshelves. I start by genre, separating the fiction from non-fiction, the children's book from the novels, and make a special place for poetry. From there, it's time to alphabetize.


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