Downers Grove Garden Walk

Saturday, July 9, 2016

To benefit the DGFUMC Bridge Board program

providing transitional housing and mentoring
for formerly homeless families

The 10th Annual Downers Grove Garden Walk will give you an opportunity to view some of the most beautiful gardens in the area. All proceeds benefit the DGFUMC Bridge Board in providing transitional housing and mentoring for homeless families. 

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Garden bulletCarter GardenHPIM0787_Carter

4018 Venard Rd

  • This garden reveals a love of nature and beauty, as perennials, annuals and animal statues are placed throughout the garden for wrens, birds and butterflies to enjoy.
  • In the backyard, visitors are greeted by koi swimming in the pond. The deck and gazebo beckon one to stop and listen to the bubbling water cascade down small waterfalls. Lovely hostas surround the ponds and add texture and beauty and compliment the water features. 
  • Walkways lead to a miniature fairy garden. Even those well beyond their youth are enchanted to see tiny plants, fairies, animals and a larger wizard who oversees the “little people”. 
  • Numerous sitting areas allow visitors time to relax. A small gazebo is seen in the backyard. Bricks, rocks and stepping stones add structure and interest to the garden, while statues add a touch of whimsy. Roses and brightly-colored flowers are planted in the vegetable garden to inspire the homeowner to do some weeding.

Garden bulletKupisch GardenHPIM0863_Kupisch

1801 Grant St

  • Twenty-six years ago, this owner became inspired to create an agrarian-style garden. These gardens reflect an earlier lifestyle and are still evolving all around the property. Sprinklings of barn cupolas, some of which are almost 100 years old, are located in eight different garden areas. Lightning rods are dispersed throughout and are surrounded by astilbes, grasses, hostas and hydrangeas.
  • A small bridge over a pond leads from one side to another where a chicken coop, a structure that used to exist on the property of every American farmer, can be discovered.
  • Through the boxwood-lined arbors is a lovely backyard retreat with a fireplace that is enhanced by boxwoods, hydrangeas, native grasses and draping clematis. Multiple areas of relaxation abound as one wanders along the stone pathways.
  • The hardwood trees planted throughout the property are mainly sugar maples, along with nine varieties of boxwoods, hydrangeas, ruby spice and viburnum that provide a multitude of seasonal color. Included in the garden are perennials, such as fleece flower and wildflowers, and a raised vegetable garden bed that provides nutritional elements during the growing season.

Garden bulletWoodruff GardenHPIM0779_Woodruff

4809 Montgomery Ave

  • Large evergreens frame the front garden of this Tudor-style home, along with a plethora of ‘Annabelle’ and oakleaf hydrangeas, lilies, roses and other perennials that bloom throughout the season.
  • Along the length of this Old Chicago-style brick driveway, visitors can enjoy numerous collections of containers filled with a variety of annuals, vines, grasses and garden art. A fragrant, sweet autumn clematis covers an arbor that sits off to the right. Phlox, lungwort, ferns and Japanese maples can be seen throughout the garden.
  • An 80-year-old catalpa tree partially shades the rear of the garden. Step up into the seating area of this lovely flagstone cottage and you are surrounded by a variety of plantings where you can relax and listen to the sound of the fountain while enjoying the sights and sounds of the back yard gardens. A cozy, private dining area resides under the huge oak tree that is surrounded by many shade-loving hostas, astilbes and brunnera that fill the planting beds.

Garden bulletWebster GardenHPIM0758_Webster

1315 Turvey Rd

  • This Zen garden emits tranquility and contemplation. Visitors immediately see day lilies, a river birch and two stone columns. Throughout the property, stone architecture provides echoes from another era. Pachysandra groundcover and a purple tulip magnolia create a serene setting for one to sit reflect.
  • Behind the magnolia and stone bench are Knock Out roses, lilies, black-eyed Susans and a cypress shrub. To the left, a Bluestone walkway and living wall guide visitors to the entrance. Ligularias, purple passion flowers and white leaf hostas arouse one’s visual senses prior to being greeted by a waterfall Buddha.
  • A flagstone path features ‘Rozanne’ geraniums and Endless Summer hydrangeas, while another stepping-stone path leads past lush ferns, all leading to the back yard. Annabelle hydrangeas edge the home’s rear entrance. Hugging the bluestone patio are yellow stonecrop sedum, black-eyed Susans, ‘Karens’ azalea and annuals. The scalloped terrace hosts multi-color roses and lilies. Hostas edge the descending outcropping stone that leads to a bench tucked discretely behind the red bud and maple trees. Another area near the flowing creek encourages contemplation and meditation.

Garden bulletKnight GardenHPIM0818_Knight

1101 Maple Ave

  • This four-season garden is abundant with natives, rhododendrons, bulbs, heuchera, irises, sweet William and wolfsbane. Hosta, beard’s tongue and a Japanese maple reside on the front yard berm.
  • Along the east side of the house are daisies, phlox, allium, nepeta and poppies. A spirea and clematis vine demand attention. Further south is a magnolia and rose of Sharon.
  • The yews provide a sanctuary for birds. Annuals surround a viburnum near one sidewalk while another sidewalk is sheltered by a tulip tree, pussy willow, spruce, lilacs, Korean spice viburnum, annuals, Oriental lilies and bell flowers. Milkweed, roses and zinnias are planted for butterflies to enjoy.
  • Asparagus, rhubarb and Russian sage grow near the house. A maple, lilac, amsonia, dogwood and aster lead to a native bed, where brown-eyed Susans, cone flowers and chrysanthemums bloom every September. 
  • The back yard, raised garden bed hosts vegetables, milkweed, coneflowers and columbine. While a clematis vine and hydrangeas grow along the back fence, as herbs grow inside the fence. In the shade garden a variety of colorful shrubs and perennials all provide solace.

Garden bulletSeyller GardenHPIM0847_Seyller

2451 Durnad Dr

  • This enchanting front garden resembles an English cottage garden. A lovely glider bench, flanked by Knockout roses, faces a concrete water fountain where one can sit and enjoy the surroundings. A row of boxwood shrubs provide a restful enclosure. A redbud anchors the center of the garden while black-eyed Susans, cone flowers, yarrow, turtleheads, phlox and lilies are interspersed throughout.  
  • Between the front walkway and the home is a white hydrangea tree and forever-blooming hydrangea shrubs. Yews under the front window help anchor the planting beds and provide winter interest.
  • A climbing hydrangea grows upon a custom-made chimney trellis. Along the side of the home, day lilies, coneflower, kniphofia, green hostas, sweet woodruff and rhubarb grow, with ferns that surround the lovely garden art.
  • The backyard foundation bed contains black-eyed Susans, grasses, hydrangeas and roses. Strawberries and blueberries grow in a raised garden bed with a water fountain as the garden’s focal point. A pergola with honeysuckle vines invites hummingbirds, while a variety of hostas, heuchera, annuals and a fairy garden below a weeping spruce add to the garden’s charm.

About the work of the Bridge Board

The Bridge Board of First United Methodist Church is a program partner with Bridge Communities effecting change for formerly homeless families — leading them to a better future. The Board provides housing, mentoring, direction, encouragement and a stable environment so that families may become self-sufficient and sustain their independence.

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