All Church Mission Trip

The Mission, Justice and Community Work Area is dedicated to reaching out to serve others and getting as many people as possible to become involved in connecting our members to each other and those in need. This inspired the idea of an All Church Mission Trip, where people of all ages (12 and above) can work, laugh and live life for a week together while helping others less fortunate. We will work as teams, growing bonds of fellowship and respect.

This July we will be traveling to inner-city Detroit to support Cass Community Social Services whose motto is: “Fighting Poverty. Creating Opportunity.” Started as an outreach ministry of Cass Community United Methodist Church, Cass Community Social Services (CCSS) works across the city in areas of concentrated poverty providing programs for food, health, housing and jobs.

  • CCSS prepares and serves a million meals annually that are made fresh daily. During the summer, vegetables used are grown on property.
  • 325 homeless men, women and children currently stay in one of CCSS’ shelters, transitional housing or permanent supportive housing programs. This includes the goal to construct 50 tiny homes that formerly homeless persons can eventually own.
  • 70 adults are currently employed in the agency’s Green Industries, which marry jobs with sustainability, including making sandals, mud mats, key chains, and other products from discarded tires; as well as collecting, sorting and shredding paper documents. Thousands of tons of paper are shredded, bundled and recycled annually.
  • Donated new or good quality furniture, clothing and other household goods are collected and then sold pennies on the dollar to low income families.
  • CCSS operates a weekly free medical clinic and a day program for 100 adults with developmental disabilities.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get to know other church members while working side-by-side to help others less fortunate. Come for the whole week or for as many days as you can.

What Will We Be Doing? All or some of the following:

•  Preparing or serving food
•  Document Destruction
•  Painting
•  Light Construction and carpentry
•  Gardening and Yard Work
•  Tire recycling
•  Making Mud Mats or Sandals from tires
•  Working with Mentally Challenged Adults
•  Working with children
•  Mixing and packaging tea

This trip will be extremely affordable: $45 per person per night, which includes three meals and accommodations and supplies, plus a share of transportation cost (van rentals and gas). 

Visit to learn more about CCSS. Contact Don or Devra Dunham if you have questions or want more information about the trip. Sign-up in the church office or by e-mail to

Cass Community Social Services, Detroit, Michigan
Sunday, July 16, 2017 - 8:00am to Saturday, July 22, 2017 - 12:00pm

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