South DuPage CROP Hunger Walk Recruiter Instructions

This page describes the responsibilities of a CROP Hunger Walk recruiter. First, a big thank you to all of you who have agreed to represent your church or organization in this way. Your work is vital to the success of the walk both in encouraging others to participate, providing them with information and advice, and ensuring that donations are collected efficiently.

Recruiters GuideWhat is your role?

  • Sign out donation envelopes
  • Each participating church or organization are assigned one or more recruiter packets containing 10 donation envelopes.
  • These are primarily distributed at the kick-off rally on August 27, which all recruiters are encouraged to attend. Please estimate how many walkers you will recruit and sign out the required number of batches.
  • If you need more, you can get them from the office of the

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
4501 Main Street, Downers Grove, IL 60515 
(630) 968-6231 (ext. 0 for the office)
Office Hours: Monday to Friday - 9am to 4pm

Advertise CROP Hunger Walk

  • Make sure that your members are aware of the walk well in advance through announcements, bulletins, flyers, and/or emails.
  • Flyers, brochures, and posters are handed out at the kick-off rally and are available from the Gloria Dei office.
  • Other resources can be downloaded from the CROP Hunger Walk web pages.

Recruit walkers

  • Encourage your members to participate and arrange to hand out donation envelopes at meetings or services.
  • Write "South DuPage CROP Walk" and the date and time of the walk on the front of each envelope.
  • Write your contact details at the bottom of the inside sheet. When you hand out each envelope, record the envelope number with the name, phone and/or email address of the walker on the recruiter's packet.

Provide instructions to walkers

Help your members understand what they need to do to raise money, collect it and hand it in.

  • All walkers must sign the STATEMENT OF CONSENT on their envelope. If they are under 18, they need to ask a parent or guardian to sign as well.
  • Encourage them to register online (see below).
  • They should ask their family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues to sponsor them on the walk. They must fill in the name, address, and amount of all those who sponsor them on their donation envelopes. They should collect the money (cash and/or checks) straight away and put them in their donation envelope - we no longer accept pledges.
  • Let your recruits know that walkers handing in $150 or more at the walk (including online donations - see below) will receive a CROP Walk bag.
  • Every walker must bring their envelope to the walk. This is required for them to register and participate in the walk. They should seal the envelope hand it in to one of the registration desks.
  • If they haven't collected all their donations:
    As soon as possible after the walk, they should handed it either to you as their recruiter or directly to the Gloria Dei office.
  • If someone takes a donation envelope but decides they cannot participate, please ask them to return the empty envelope to you.

Bring recruiter packets to the walk

  • Please bring your recruiter packet, recording the names of all your recruits and their envelope numbers, along with any unused envelopes to the treasurer's desk.
  • We should account for every envelope, used and unused, to ensure they are not being used fraudulently. Please destroy all unused envelopes and send their envelope numbers to the Treasurer.

Online Donations

It is possible to register on the internet in order to receive credit card pledges online. You can do this in addition to or instead of collecting donations by hand. As a recruiter, we request that you set up an online team and inform the treasurer when you have done so. Then encourage your members to go online and join your team.

  1. Visit the South DuPage CROP Hunger Walk Online Donations Page.
  2. Click on "Sign Up".
  3. Choose a name for your team and fill in the requested information. You have to fill in your own information as a walker before completing the team registration.
  4. Inform the South DuPage CROP Hunger Walk treasurer, Ray Osborn, so that he can add a link to the team in the sidebar of the South DuPage CROP Hunger Walk web pages.
  5. Tell your recruits to go to the South DuPage CROP Hunger Walk web page, click on your team link, and register online.
  6. They can then e-mail friends and relatives asking for online pledges.
  7. The treasurer will have a list of all the online pledges at the walk so that they can be credited for their donations.

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