2018 Annual Giving Commitment

Through our generosity as a church, complex, powerful things have happened simply.  Children have been engaged, through games and stories and prayer and worship, with the wonder of the faith and their identity as people of God. Teens have been invited into faith-based fellowship: sent into the world to repair homes and build relationships, to sing God’s praise to people far away and to our own congregation in worship. Adults have met for life-impacting learning and sharing groups, for opening the church to be shelter for the homeless, for meeting to prepare the ministries through which we help each other grow in living our faith and serving the world. All this, and so much more, is made possible because you give.

How does all this happen?  In some ways, it’s simple. We are simply responding in thankfulness to God. God is the source of all we have – life itself, and the abilities we have to use our talents and dreams and energy to multiply the gifts of God into gifts to share with others.

And our giving as God’s people is, at its heart, simple, too. We simply give a portion of all we have received back to God for God’s work in the world. We do that through committed, ongoing financial gifts to the church’s work. For so many of us, this simple, regular pattern of “pledged” giving is a joy – we notice more deeply all that we have received from God; we experience more fully a sense of abundance as we prioritize our resources so that we are free to give; and we are awed by the power of the combined gifts of our congregation to make a difference.

We look forward to sharing in this commitment with you in the coming year.

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