This work area provides and coordinates support for all worship related activities, through the work of coordinators, staff members, and volunteers. Responsibilities include organizing: acolytes, altar flowers, communion stewards, lay readers, liturgical dancers, organists, parking lot attendants, sound booth attendants, as well as both regular and special music programs (three children’s choirs, The Connection, Chapel Choir, Chancel Choir, and two Bell Choirs).

Dave Donahue

Class of 2015: Sue Ann Daniels, Wendy Nystrom, Bill Schmid
Class of 2016: Dave Donahue, Ken Drogemuller, Michelle Waltmire
Class of 2017: Dan Calandriello

Sanctuary Organist and Handbell Director: Pattie Barnes
Chapel Organist: Kevin Zehme
Chancel Choir Director: Diane Hires
Chapel Choir Director: Chad Goetz
Connection & Chorister Choir Director: Becky Kriz
Angels and Cherub Choir Director: Debbie Phillips 

Choir Board President: Diane Hundseder

Usher Coordinator: Bill Nystrom
Sound Board Coordinator: Eric Schramm
Flower Coordinator: Nancy Toon 
Communion Stewards: Julian & Mary Lou Gorden
Parking Lot Coordinator: John Liston 
Altar Guild Coordinator: Andi Kinsella 
Acolyte Coordinator: Howie Snyder
Music Coordinator: Andi Kinsella

Staff Representative: Greta McDonald

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