When Two Worlds Collide

This Sunday, we will be reflecting on 2 Samuel, Chapter 18, where David receives word of the death of his son Absalom - a son he loved dearly, but who had become a rival against him.

This ancient story of anguish relates to life today, where we are often called to step between two worlds.  First, there is our "taken-for-granted" world of everyday expectations and responsibilities; and then there is the other world, that sometimes collides with this, when we receive word of a tragedy, or the death of someone with whom we are close, that takes our breath away. 

If you know of someone going through a journey of grief, this might be a service to which you would want to invite him or her.

Today the youth and adults who have been part of the Senior High Mission Trip will be wrapping up their week of work in Champaign, New York, and preparing to travel back home.  Thank you, Mission Team members!

And workers have been in our church building this week, too, putting together the improved  air conditioning units for the Sanctuary, Parlor, and office areas.

 I hope you've found special ways to enjoy summer this week - see you Sunday!

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