Watch While Weeding

Did your father ever try to teach you a lesson by telling you a story that maybe wasn't quite clear at the time, but sooner or later you realized how it spoke to your life? Parables are often like that; a simple story that reveals an unexpected truth. Jesus often used parables to communicate his message. Sometimes his parables were fairly straightforward and other times they were more allegorical. The Parable of Weeds among the Wheat, as told in Matthew 13:24-30, is interesting because farming produced very little in Palestine during Jesus' ministry, as the desert is fond of neither wheat nor weeds - they require water. So this Sunday morning I will be viewing this story as a symbol for the Kingdom of God, which it was designed for, and will seek to apply it to issues of today.

We hope you will join us for this Father's Day Sunday. While it has been a warm week, the Sunday forecast is a bit more forgiving and it should make for a beautiful morning.

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