Finding Your Voice

This week things were quiet at church as many staff, youth and adults made their way to Wesley Woods for our annual Church Camp. We had such a great turnout this year, we needed three buses to get everyone there! The campers spent the week. Branching Out as they learned that they are always connected to one another and to God by Christ through Bible study, games and music. We were excited to welcome everyone back home safely this morning.

This Sunday, as we prepare to celebrate the anniversary of our country's Declaration of Independence, I will use music, specifically the musical Hamilton, to relate to passages from Matthew 10. In Hamilton, we meet a person who is not afraid to use his voice to stand up for what is just during the challenging birth of our nation. In Sunday's scripture, we hear how Jesus asks each of us to rise up with our own voices as he calls us to discipleship.

It looks like Sunday will be a sunny day and not too warm as summer goes so the temperature in the sanctuary should be just right. It will also be great weather for a car wash in the parking lot to support our youth.

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