Those Sundays after Easter

Some of my favorite Sundays in this congregation are the Sundays right after Easter. Those Sunday mornings include special celebrations and observances that help to flesh out how we live as people of the Resurrection now.

Last Sunday, at the 11:00 service, 21 8th grade youth inspired us as they shared what being confirmed meant to them, before answering the Confirmation questions about being followers of Christ, and growing, active participants in the Body of Christ today.

And this Sunday, at the 9:30 and 11:00 services, we get to experience the children's and junior high choirs bring to life one of Jesus' best-known parables, the story of the "Good Samaritan," as they present the lively, clever, "who-dunit" musical, The Not So Terrible Parable.

You might want to read up on Luke 10:25-37 to be ready!

The special "after-Easter, living-the Resurrection today" services continue in May, as we'll highlight caring for our world environment on May 7; and, on Mothers' Day, May 14, celebrate the gifts of all women in our lives, as well as the ministries of United Methodist Women that bring new life to people, especially women and children, near to us and around the world.

The final pages of the Gospels of Luke and John tell about startling and life-transforming experiences of Christ's presence on Sundays "after Easter." We'll be looking at one of those at the 8:15 service this Sunday. What they all tell us, in short, is to "keep our eyes (and hearts) open" -- for Christ is among us, leading us to discover and share the Resurrection today.

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