Mothers' Day

This Sunday, as we gather for worship, we'll be celebrating Mothers' Day, as well as highlighting United Methodist Women.

The day-by-day love, encouragement, and resilience of mothers in our lives, whether the mothers in our immediate families, or those women beyond our families whose love and care have shaped and influenced us, are holy gifts that speak to us of the love and presence of God.

And the friendships, community, and life-giving outreach work of United Methodist Women are expressions of God's love and presence right here among us, and reaching into society around us to make a difference.

We'll be hearing about the impact of that kind of community in our services this Sunday, as Shelly Davenport, a mom of four, and the current President of our local United Methodist Women, shares her experiences of serving, growth, and fellowship as part of UMW, in her message, "A Purpose-Filled Community".

Each Mothers' Day, members of any congregation come to worship with many different feelings and memories. Some are filled with joy and gratitude; some are experiencing grief or regret. Parents with younger children in their lives may feel exhausted, while others may have a sense of wistfulness for moments in the past. Yet we gather to open it all to God - who alone fully understands all that we hold in our hearts; all that we hope for ourselves and one another; and embraces us with a love that comforts, restores, and sends us forward into life anew.

"'As a mother comforts a child, so I will comfort you,' says the Lord." (Isaiah 66:13)

See you Sunday, at 8:15, 9:30, or 11:00, as we celebrate Mothers' Day, and United Methodist Women!

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