Joyous Work

Today you may have watched the Inauguration ceremony, witnessing one of the strengths of our nation in the peaceful transition of power from one President to another.

Following the ceremony, as a helicopter carried the former President and First Lady away from the Capitol building, one television commentator noted that they would be moving to a new residence in the area, and President Obama would be "coming back to Washington simply as a citizen." 

Though his role changes dramatically, his basic calling to be a citizen remains the same. That's a calling we all share as people of this nation, that the former President emphasized in a letter to the American people on Thursday, urging us all, regardless of party, to "throw ourselves into that work - the joyous work of citizenship."

This Sunday we'll be hearing what is probably a familiar story - the account of Jesus calling four fishermen -- Peter, Andrew, James and John to follow him, and discover how to "fish for people" (Matthew 4: 18-22). It's possible to hear that story and think it is for people in special circumstances, or who have a particular role. But it's a call to all of us, to let our daily responsibilities, our skills, our relationships be the venues in which we discover, more and more deeply, that we can follow Christ right where we are, that we are being shaped for meaning and service to others by his love. That's the "joyous work" of discipleship!

I'm looking forward to some joyous time with you Sunday - at the 8:15 service in the Chapel, the special "Together @ 10" service in the Sanctuary, and the youth-hosted Pancake Breakfast in the gym. Keep reading for more information...

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