What More Can We Do?

The time is right for a better social standard to be put into practice. Many people are yearning for a freer existence that allows those who wish to, each have the ability to experience this world with none of the hindrances that the stereotypes, labels, bigotry, and hatred that so many people have suffered under and which has diminished our collective humanity from time immemorial.

The systems that support these evil ideals are constructed of narrow minded, self-serving and socially confining worldviews that maintain the power structures that only benefit those who created and preserve them mainly through a social construct that mimics a kind of symbiosis called parasitism,where one life form benefits while the other one is harmed.

We can see this type of harmful social arrangement by observing the pattern of the ruling classes' exclusion of people who are most vulnerable in our society by not offering ways for them to more easily access education and employment due to long-term financial insufficiency. Also, by observing the ways of restricting the upward mobility of the people who are the next most vulnerable, though having some access to education and employment, by limiting their overall power and influence in the society through oppressive college and university financial aid methods that require a huge amount of debt for them to gain access to their educational and employment opportunities.

These present educational and economic inequalities readily produce a bitter backlash by those who are victimized by them, which sociologist's call the "norm of reciprocity." There is an equal and opposite rebuttal that comes from those in the ruling class who are the beneficiaries of the present social disparities by disavowing their part in those long held unfair social practices.

Enter Jesus' idea of a godly social standard based on the spiritual turnaround concept of loving our enemies, not judging others, forgiving and showing compassion to others, referred to as the "norm of redemption." Read Luke 6:27-38 and find out how Jesus framed the new standard of living based on divine love.

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