Spiritual Resilience

Often, we become so bound to our life on Earth that I believe we may miss some of the blessed teachings that Jesus has for us because we focus so heavily on our earthly existence. We all have spent years being taught and teaching others about the way things are in the natural world through our experience, using science, learning new phenomena about the cosmos, and continuing to uncover the complexities of human personality and human relationships.

Being knowledgeable of that information is essential to becoming successful in this world. It takes the best part of our productive years to gain this information and to be able to use it effectively. So, it's no wonder that when we read or listen to passages from the Bible about resurrection from Jesus, they don't align with how we have been taught to think about this world. For some, resurrection may be viewed more like a fairy tale.

However, that doesn't mean we don't believe Jesus' teachings concerning resurrection at all, though some of us don't, whether we admit it or not. Most often it means that even though many of us have already given our lives to God and have come to trust in the fact that we are loved by God unconditionally, saved by God's love, and set free from our sins through the gift of Jesus' ultimate sacrifice, we are often unsure about the meaning and purpose of resurrection.

Some of us think more in terms of making better and making the best the life we're living in this world, especially for those who are on the margins. Others of us may want to prove that resurrection is not a concept that needs to be taken seriously because it's not important to our lives now or it shouldn't be believed at all.

What do you think about resurrection? Read Luke 20:27-38 and allow Jesus' words to those who contended with him ruminate in your mind and soul regarding resurrection and decide for yourself.

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