Risky Grace

How much of a risk taker are you? If your measure of risk taking were calculated on something like a 10-point Richter type scale where would you fall? Would you say that you are on the lower end of risk taking, producing more of a little rumble between 1 to 3 or in the moderate section where your risk taking might cause a definite unsettling quake between 4 and 6? Are you a go all out risk taker, causing an earth shattering and potentially devastating reaction from those around you between 7 and 10?

On my risk-taking scale, life situations and the decisions that significantly affect the lives of my family or other people that I am responsible for, would tend to hold down my level of risk to a low to moderate level. However, if the life situations and my decisions that result from them only affected me, I would be more inclined to take a much higher level of risk, especially if the reward were great. I was riskier when I was younger than I am now. We all have our own specific requirements and special circumstances under which we attempt risky decisions.

The circumstances of our lives in which we find hardest to take risks are those where we feel most vulnerable. They can be circumstances that may reap the greatest rewards or possibly where we would suffer the most profound loss or negative consequences. God has supplied us with good gifts in abundance that are both material and spiritual. How did those gifts come into your life? Do you feel optimistic about those gifts from God?

What would your life be like today if you only took low-level risks, those that are safer and less stressful? Maybe taking low-level risks are what has worked to provide you with an overall stable lifestyle so far?

On the other hand, do you believe that your high-risk, high-reward decisions, though possibly marked by more bouts of hardships and perceived defeats, have also been rewarded with more praiseworthy results that have produced positive benefits for you and self confidence that often comes along with taking high risks that succeed?

The Bible reading for Sunday is found in Matthew 25:14-30. In it there is a story that leaves much for us to consider about God's abundant nature, desire to see humanity’s success, and the path to greater reward. There is a bold statement in the story that points to what God thinks about taking a risk with the gifts God gives us. When you read it, search for each of those elements. Then, determine your level of optimism regarding taking risks with God’s abundant gifts.

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