Preparing for God

The season of Advent is the time for waiting, preparing, and introspection. Waiting for the return of Christ to gather up the Church into God's realm. Preparing our minds and spirits, as well as those around us, to be changed into the godly people that God created us to be. Introspection means to examine ourselves to see if we have within us a real desire to allow God to show us our true selves and thus our need for repentance and to seek forgiveness for our sins.

Some of us may also need to be awakened from the illusion that they have already done that work and are just awaiting the day of Christ's return to complete the circle of a good life and receive the glory of God's eternal loving embrace. Others of us may need to be released and set free from the bondage of feeling condemned by God no matter what is done because of past and present mistakes and outright disobedience to God's will, the teachings from the Bible, and the model of Jesus' sacrificial life.

What work do you have to do to be awakened from the illusion of self-righteousness or freed from the bondage of self-condemnation as we wait, prepare, and examine ourselves during the Advent season? As a start, please pray to God for guidance and offer the openness of your mind and heart to receive God's correction and loving acceptance. Also, read Luke 3:1-6 and meditate over his account of John the Baptizer's words from God that also echoed those from the prophet Isaiah calling us to action.

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