Led by God’s Love

Anyone who has ever made a large ticket purchase, whatever that amount was compared to their relative income, may know what buyer's remorse feels like. It's a sudden sinking feeling that wells up within you of whatever item that was purchased might one day be too much to handle financially during the life of the loan.

This fear may be based on possible difficulties in the future that may arise financially within the household or maybe you felt like your large ticket purchase cost way too much and you allowed yourself to be duped by the seller and taken for the proverbial ride financially.

In a situation like that, what should be a very pleasant experience becomes a very anxious time that makes you unhappy and full of fear. That is, unless you come to the realization that the large ticket item was actually a good deal for you and possibly for your family, too. However, you know that it will require a sacrifice to pay off the loan in full, as well as overcoming any other financial distresses that could occur due to the lessening of resources that the purchase or the loan took away from your disposable income.

I can see a few similarities regarding buyer's remorse and agreeing to follow the path that God wants us to travel in our lives. When you read Matthew 1:18-25 you will see the effect of saying yes to God in the story of the birth of Jesus by his earthly parents Mary and Joseph.

Mary and Joseph both heard God's commands for their lives as people favored by God. Through their obedience they each served as conduits of God's great love and favor for this world and for one another, but it didn't always feel like it. There were times they may have thought it was a bust. How have you felt about your decision(s) after you said yes to God's leading in your life?

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