Breaking Boundaries

Weddings are opportunities to witness God's love and divine authority manifest themselves in how God relates to humanity. Weddings serve as signs of how God cares for the people who believe that God is their only source of joy and contentment and who wants that relationship to never end. The lives of the couples that come together at a wedding are reshaped because the love they freely give to each other has its origins in the only love that is unconditional and has no beginning and no end, God's love. What was once a well-known routine of living for both bride and groom will be no more because nothing can stay the same in the light of such brilliant love.

The loving actions that a couple to be married devotes to each other also serves as a sign of God's nature. As the wedding ceremony serves as a sign of how God relates to humanity, the loving acts of those who come together signal the life changing presence of the One who infused them with it. As an earthly example, the One, who is Jesus, showed his presence at a wedding banquet and created a whole new outlook on the existing world.

In the Bible, a reading from John 2:1-11 tells of a sign that Jesus performed at a wedding which was supernatural. He turned everyday water into wine. Jesus' sign, which is an act or gesture used to convey an idea, was a divine response to a request from his mother to remedy the problem of the wine running out at the wedding.

The sign Jesus performed allowed the people who witnessed the water being turned into wine to understand that he is God and that he could give them a choice and some gifts, if they were willing to make it and take the offered gifts. What do you think the choice and the gifts were?

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