Being Balanced as Contributor and Consumer Christians

The idea of how we address those who are reduced to the lowest rung of this society is a constant concern for everyone from the President to Congress and law enforcement and especially, to the faith-based leadership of this country. The executive, legislative, and judicial branches of our government, both nationally and locally, are constantly working to remedy this overwhelming problem.

However, our elected politicians too often respond by helping those who are the underserved and, for the most part, undesirable underclass by offering limited opportunities for assistance that ease a bit of the intense strain on them to help in their own reelection efforts or as a response to an outcry from their constituents to an awful disaster that disproportionately affected them. Or as a response to a rising up of the poverty-stricken masses themselves as they vigorously protest by demanding justice for their oppressed and neglected families and communities who have suffered for far too long under a survival-based lifestyle. 

As people of God, our response to those who are poor and without enough financially to adequately sustain themselves, and very little educational opportunities to break the cycle of poverty in their communities, is part of the main tenets of our faith. If you read Luke 6:17-26 you will understand how Jesus felt about those who are constantly lacking in resources and support from those who are in positions to help them, and each one's relationship in the province of God.

With that reading from Luke in mind, let's think about how we, as God's people, are positioning ourselves to be committed agents of God's love and care for those who are on the brink of survival and for those who are partakers of God's love and care as people who are definitely in need of it too, but who aren't living under the same harsh financial conditions and the societal stigma that the disadvantaged people of our surrounding communities suffer through every day.

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