Abundance Over Excess

Most of us want life and to have it more abundantly. This is a saying that has its' roots in the gospel of John. We know that we want to have abundant life because most people live their life in pursuit of that dream. What is abundant life and how do we achieve it?

Is it the accumulation of those things that we desired as a child but could not have? Is the abundant life the simple enjoyment of the people that we love surrounding us, loving them, and being loved by them in return? Could the abundant life be achieved through taking some of what we have, materially and spiritually, and giving it to help people who are struggling to survive and seeing their lives become more abundant?

In John 6:51-58, he tells of Jesus referring to himself again as "The living bread that came down from heaven." Jesus also said, "Whoever eats of this bread will live forever." To some believers in God it is shocking that Jesus said that whoever eats of this bread, speaking of himself, will live forever. Thus, guaranteeing that those who eat of himself, as the living bread, will have the most abundant life of all time because it will never end.

Do those words of Jesus inspire you to want the living bread that he offers and the life it gives forever? Or do you want to know why Jesus used those words about himself, and are good with following your previous path to abundant life apart from consuming Jesus as the living bread come down from heaven? What does the abundant life mean to you with or without consuming the living bread come down from heaven?

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