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God’s Manumission for the Nation

"What are you prepared to do?" This line is from an award-winning film The Untouchables, about Elliot Ness and a group of law enforcement officers who ended the criminal career of the gangster Al Capone. That line called into question the reliability and the determination of Elliott Ness to complete the job that he was sent to do. I often wondered if I were given that very difficult job how far would I go to complete it.

Follow or Hollow?

What constitutes a call upon your life? For me, it represents something that I would be willing to do for God regardless of pay, and no matter what negative aspects were associated with it - it is just in me to do it. It is something that I have come to love and care for intrinsically, whether I realized it immediately or over time.

A Baptism of Spirit and Mind

As we consider the baptism of Jesus, let•s look at what Holy Baptism stands for. John the Baptizer preached about baptism by pointing out that there must be repentance, a turning away from the things that we think, say, and do that are against the will of God. When we turn away from participating in the things that are against the will of God we open up our minds and spirits to become aware of our participation in sinful ways and more fully understand that there is another way of living that makes us free from the desire to participate in those former selfish ways.

Love, Obedience, and Survival

Trust and Obey is the name of a hymn that is familiar to some, but its lyrics ring so true about our experience as believers and followers of God. When you have chance, search for the lyrics and then listen to it. The refrain, or the hook as some people call it, goes like this, "Trust and obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey."

Tactile Lifestyle

What keeps us properly focused during Advent 2020? I say that it should be the understanding of what God wants us to be living up to and living into as we work and wait until Christ’s return. Our work is both spiritual as well as action-oriented. Our wait is about serving while we are preparing for Jesus’ second arrival.

Being Humble Overcomes Humiliation

There is a saying that has been around for a while. It says, “We climb to glory on the down escalator.” As we continue the journey into the second week of the Advent study called “Down to Earth”, we have been considering what humility is and what it means to us during this time of a global health crisis, domestic social and political conflict, and deep economic hardships.

When Did We See You?

The most familiar sayings and stories often prove to be difficult to find the full depth of their meaning because, as some may know, familiarity breeds contempt. "Extensive knowledge of or close association with someone or something leads to a loss of respect for them or it." (Oxford Dictionary). Though I will never have actual contempt for the word of God, I have heard or read the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats since childhood, which is this Sunday's Bible reading from Matthew 15:31-46.

Risky Grace

How much of a risk taker are you? If your measure of risk taking were calculated on something like a 10-point Richter type scale where would you fall? Would you say that you are on the lower end of risk taking, producing more of a little rumble between 1 to 3 or in the moderate section where your risk taking might cause a definite unsettling quake between 4 and 6? Are you a go all out risk taker, causing an earth shattering and potentially devastating reaction from those around you between 7 and 10?

Attention All Believers

How are you regarding patience and focus? Are you able to be patient and stay focused on a major life’s goal or dream that you set out to achieve? Has your desire to see a dream or goal completed quickly ever become an obstacle, especially when it comes to persevering through some difficult hardships that you had to fight through? Have you ever been greatly distracted on your way to attaining your dream or goal because it took longer to realize than you thought it should and you did not have enough patience and single-mindedness to stay with it until it was accomplished?


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