Cared For And Called

Would you be surprised if I told you that many of the longest and loudest conversations I have are in my head? Maybe you can empathize. My guess is some of you may share this experience, where our brains are constantly moving, constantly assessing every situation, and imagining 1,001 different ways in which we could engage with each moment and what the consequences of that engagement might be. This can be exhausting! And, if I'm honest, I wouldn't say these conversations increase my confidence with myself or the world I live in.

It can be hard to silence the voices in our head, voices of anxiety, or of not being enough, and to allow ourselves grace and compassion as we explore who we are and what our purpose is in this world. Yet this week's scripture reminds us that God has known us from the very beginning, loves us dearly, and has great dreams for us. Together, as we explore Isaiah 49:1-7, may we open our minds and explore how God sees us and what God might be calling us to.

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