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Join in the Song

"Go Cubs Go!"

Treasures and Your Life

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure to walk alongside 90 of fellow DGFUMCers in the annual South DuPage CROP Hunger Walk. We were there to support hunger-fighting efforts around the world and in our own backyard and also, let's face it, to see John Smoke wear a Chicago Bears jersey. Worth every step!

The CROP Walk is just one of the many ministries that our church supports in ways both big and small. These ministries could not be done without the giving of your time and gifts.

"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."  (Luke 12:34)

Some gems for living

What a wonderful week of music and hospitality it has been here at DGFUMC! On Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending the Bridge Board's Encore! Concert. I continue to be awed by the talented musicians that are part of our church family. This benefit concert helps to support our Bridge families as they transition from homelessness to independence. This week also marked the first Tuesday of the season that we staffed our PADS site. Thank you to all the volunteers who help support these important ministries.

Can't Wait for the 'Encore'!

I didn't get to go to the "Encore!" concert at church last October, because I'd just had surgery and was still on my mandatory "R and R." But I sure am looking forward to attending this year's concert on Sunday afternoon! That's because last year I got to see an amazing Sunday afternoon transformation in Jim before and after he went to the concert.

On Being Gracious

This past week saw the start of our All Church Fall Book Study Fear Of The Other: No Fear In Love by William H. Willimon, which follows our fall theme Simple, but Not Easy - Loving God and Neighbor. In the book, Willimon invites readers to consider the gospel command to love (and not merely tolerate) those considered to be "Other" or outside mainstream Christian culture. The first chapter, Saved by the Other, reminds us that we were saved by the ultimate "Other," Jesus Christ, and, as Christians, how this should shape our perception and reception of "Others."

Get on board and enjoy the ride

This week begins the start of many of our fall programs as committees and work areas begin to meet again in fellowship and mission.


This Sunday is Rally Day! To kick-off the church fall season, we'll gather for a special "Together @10" service in the sanctuary. The Chapel Choir and Chancel Choir will join forces to lead music, Pastor John will share a special message with the children and we'll start our "Simple...But Not Easy: Loving God and Neighbor" series with one of those simple to say, but much more challenging to live, passages from the Bible (I John 4:16, 19) - "God Is Love...We love because God first loved us." 

See you Sunday! 

Thinking about Justice

Thanks to Osvaldo Vena, and the members of the Still a Dream band, for a truly remarkable music performance last Sunday in Fishel Park. The words of children all hoping for a better place, to grow up and thrive in a world where peace has a chance; their words and the bands musical setting were haunting.

Of course if you brought a backpack last Sunday you got blessed, come to think we all are blessed to be a blessing for others.


It's been fun (though I've been staying up way too late these past two weeks!) to watch portions of the Olympic Games from Brazil. In addition to the breathtaking moments of victory and the sometimes heartbreaking moments that lead to a loss, I've enjoyed hearing about the roots and backgrounds of the individual athletes. In each case, someone had to sense that young athlete's potential and support him or her in their dreams and in the long, slow, training process to become world-class.

Pastor Reflections

If you stopped by church this week you no doubt noticed the rumblings and patter of feet going from one spot to another as Vacation Bible School ran through each morning.

It was fun to watch the excitement on the faces of the kids and the energy carrying them from one learning station to the next as they took bible stories and mixed them up with life, and summer; discovering in deeper and deeper ways the ways in which their lives are captured by wonder and held by a love we know as God.


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