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This Sunday is Pentecost - a day that commemorates what many consider the Birth of the Church, when the small group of Jesus' uncertain followers were unexpectedly filled with the Holy Spirit. That gift of the Spirit, and the assurance of the continued presence of Christ with them, moved them to step beyond their closed doors into the world. They stepped forward in caring warmth, to speak with courage and compassion to skeptical listeners, and to become a growing band of people committed to meeting the needs of others in Jesus' name.

Three Courageous Women

This Sunday is Mothers' Day, and in the church, it is a day we thank God for the gifts of all women who use their lives and talents to make a difference for others.

Called to be Friends

Yesterday morning, Jim and I had a delightful time meeting with Rev. Claude King, the incoming Senior Pastor of DGFUMC. We went out for lunch afterward, walking to a restaurant downtown.

I noticed one of our church members at a table we passed on our way to being seated. She was listening so intently to the friend at her table that I decided not to interrupt to say hello.

Lift Up Your Voice

This Sunday, our church's Children's Choirs - Cherubs, Choristers, and Connection - will lead the 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. services with the skits and songs of their cantata "Let Your Light Shine."

What an important message! And what an important moment it is for a young person to find his or her voice is supported, truly listened to, and appreciated by adults in a faith community. Such an experience shapes confidence, a sense of self, and opens doors for a life of "learning to speak the truth in love." (Ephesians 4:15)

When God Becomes the Host

This Sunday, I will be preaching on the miracle story found in Mark 8. It concerns the feeding of the four thousand. I will be talking about how these feeding miracles often occur in the in the "in-between times"-- the times when you are glad that something is over, yet still hopeful for something else coming to make life better in the future.

Music to Heal the Soul

One of our church members happened to be sharing about some of the struggles and responsibilities that were currently a part of her life. And then she made an interesting comment. She said "that's one of the reasons I'm singing with the Choir, and taking the time to rehearse for the Cantata Sunday. The music of 'The Holy Spirit Mass' is beautiful, and when I sing it, it's like therapy - it nourishes my soul."

Easter people

As you know, we Christians celebrate Easter as a season, not just a day. It's a season that lasts seven weeks, marking the period during which the Risen Christ appeared to his disciples at various times and locations, before disappearing into "the heavens" with a promise that the Spirit would soon be poured out upon them, empowering them to carry on Christ's ministries.

It's a season that is reflected in our hymns, like "Easter People, Raise Your Voices," with its reminder that "every day to us is Easter."

A Word that Knows Your Name

This Sunday marks the greatest day of celebration in the Christian year - Easter!  We will gather to rejoice, through music, scripture, prayer and praise, in the good news that in Jesus Christ, God has overcome death with the gift of Resurrection.

In the Easter message this year, "A Word that Knows Your Name," I will focus on the Resurrection story in John 20:11-20, and on the questions that we face in the face of death. This scripture helps us to see how God is with each of us, bringing each to a new life beyond this life.

Easter and Holy Week Updates

Here we are, halfway through Holy Week, between the "Hosannas!" of Palm Sunday and the "Alleluias!" of Easter morning.

The next two days, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, offer some of the most moving worship experiences of the year.

On Thursday, we will gather around tables to share the Bread and Cup, remembering Jesus' Last Supper in the upper room, and the love he offered in that meal to all who would receive it. We will meet in the sanctuary for this experience at noon, 6:30 p.m., and 7:00 p.m.

And on Good Friday, we will gather in the sanctuary at 7:30 p.m. for what some in our congregation describe as being, for them, the most meaningful service of the year.

In a candlelit setting, we will hear scripture segments that carry us through the last hours of Jesus' life, and all he faced to be faithful to God and true to his love for all humanity. The Chancel Choir will share powerful anthems that illuminate the story of Jesus' Passion, Pastor Greta will give a message, and we will end in the service in quiet reflection.

We hope you will make plans to attend - and to bring along a friend! - these two services that will help us to truly receive the gift of Christ's Life and Love anew on Easter. We hope you will share in these two services that will help us to truly receive the gift of Christ's Life and Love anew on Easter.


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