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Welcome to the new DGFUMC website. It has been redesigned to create an online community in a way that the old website couldn't. We invite all church members to join us by creating their own accounts using the menu links on the left. You can then add your own comments to news articles, blog entries, and event postings, giving us your own thoughts on what is happening in our church.

Please use your real name as your user name (with spaces; e.g., Jane Doe), to keep spammers out. Your email will not be displayed publicly but, if you choose, you can allow other people to contact you using an online form, without revealing your address.

You can still view event archives and old photo albums by clicking on the links on the left. If you find any problems (missing pages, confusing links, inaccurate content) or have any other comments about how to improve the website, please let us know.

Please join in and stay connected as we enter our 175th anniversary year. Wishing you a blessed Christmas season and God's peace in the New Year.


Ray thanks for developing the upgrade to our website. You and Ina have been very generous with your time and talents for our church. I appreciate all your gifts you have share to make this the best!
For those interested in how our church relates to the workers' challenge going on in WI, the United Methodist resident bishop there, Linda Lee, has posted a letter she recently wrote to the governor at: http://www.wisconsinumc.org/content/Documents/GovWalkerLetter-021711.pdf.

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